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Jag har hittat en mail-lista som kallas prog-reviews. Där finns bl.a. en "review" av boxen.

Avslutningen lyder:

It's a shame that many of Pugh's albums haven't been released on CD. His first album "Ja, dä ä dä" from 1969 is one of my favourites with Georg "Jojje" Wadenius (Made In Sweden, Solar Plexus, Steely Dan, etc.) on guitars & bass and Janne "Loffe" Karlsson (Hansson & Karlsson) on drums. My second favourite album is "Bolla och rulla" from 1974.

The box is essential for old Pugh fans because of the unreleased material, and it's the best possible introduction for new listeners. If you think that the box is too expensive as an introduction I suggest that you buy the albums "Ja, dä ä dä" and "Bolla och rulla" first. Sweden's music history had looked a lot different if it hadn't been for Pugh.

Date: 2003-06-04
Reviewer: Greger Rönnqvist

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